Band Leader
Drums & Vocals

The leader of the band is TANGOLUNA's drummer - Kevin Jordan. 

With a Master's Degree in Communications, Kevin  also takes care 
of almost all negotiations and representation concerning 
the band.
Over the past five years he has led eight successful tours of North America, the Caribbean, Mexico.
Relying on years of International touring experience, 
Kevin has hand-picked the individual members of TANGOLUNA 
and together, they have created a tailor-made songlist and performance style second to none.
In addition to his career in the music industry, Kevin also has over twenty years 
of experience in the television, radio, and film industries. 
His vast resume of credits range from: producing and hosting over 50 episodes 
of a hit television series designed to promote and showcase up and coming 
musical talent, to touring the world as both a live and studio musician.
His powerhouse drumming and inspiring solos provide TANGOLUNA with its rock solid 
foundation that he then pushes to its musical limit with each and every performance.
Kevin can be reached at